Terms and Conditions

Placing an order with Monroe Data Products implies that you consent to the terms set forth below.


All orders submitted to us are subject to Monroe Data Products (MDP) credit approval and these standard terms. Unless previously verified by us, all artwork (especially electronic art) must be accepted by our Pre-Press Department, to verify that we can read and use the artwork to produce your desired results. All lead times discussed are based on our current press and material availability; actual delivery will be determined at the time of receipt and acceptance of your order. If you do not submit your order on the day it was quoted please call our staff for up-to-date lead time information. In the event of a variance in terms and/or conditions between these standards and those submitted on your purchase order, our terms will prevail, unless we have specially enumerated and accepted your terms in writing.


All custom orders are subject to a 10% under/over run. All orders made from specially purchased materials are subject to a 20% under/over run. We will bill only for actual quantities produced. Please adjust your order quantity appropriately so that you will receive an adequate supply. This quotation is based on a continuous or uninterrupted production run of the entire order.


The price quoted includes the following standard manufacturing tolerances:

  • Sizes: Die cut size, label size, location of perforations or other mechanical features tolerance is +/- 0.03125″ (1/32″). All locations are measured from the top and left edge of the label or carrier.
  • Print registration tolerance is +/- 0.04687″ (3/64″), measured from the top and left edges of the label.
  • Color match tolerance is within 1/2 shade of PMS color for flexographic printing, and 1/2 shade for lithographic printing, as measured by an industrial spectrometer.

Note: If this job requires tighter tolerances please call our staff to discuss the details.


We use high quality materials, inks, stocks, and adhesives. However, we cannot control the manner in which these products are used once they leave our facilities; therefore, we assume no responsibility for any damage arising out of the use of the products we manufacture.


All prices are based on the information, specifications, and artwork (if printed) you have supplied. In the event we determine that there is a discrepancy between this quote and the information supplied with your order (this may be in specifications, artwork, samples, descriptions, or other material issues), we reserve the right to modify the quoted price to accommodate your requested changes. We will review any adjustment with you before we accept your order. This would include sending a corrected copy of a purchase order accepting the corrections. Some carton prices may not match per M price x qty/carton due to mathematical rounding. Carton pricing supersedes per M prices. Prices are subject to change without notice. Sales and use tax are not included in our standard pricing; unless specifically identified as such on the invoice.


Order cancellations involving special purchase materials will not be accepted. Cancellations on other orders will incur charges for all MDP expenses incurred for paper, dies, plates, and any work performed up to the date of receipt by MDP of your cancellation. (Minimum $30.00 fee).


All shipments are FOB our factory or distribution center. Shipments will be routed per your instructions, but if not specified, we will make the shipment using our own discretion. We will endeavor to meet all delivery conditions requested, but delays or failures in these commitments resulting from casualties, fire, flood, labor negotiations, raw material shortages, or other causes beyond our ability to control will not be considered a breach of agreement. Please see next paragraph regarding freight damage.


Our standard payment terms are net 30 days. A late payment charge of 1% per month will be assessed on delinquent invoices. Invoices paid via credit card (after 30-day terms) are subject to a 3.25% convenience fee. We have the right to hold any order, or keep in our possession any materials supplied until satisfactory arrangements for methods of payment have been agreed upon. Claims for freight must be arranged by you with the carrier. Claims against product must be made in writing within seven (7) days of receipt of merchandise, and must specify where the product does not conform within tolerances to the specifications. Liability shall be limited to stated selling price, and shall, in no event, include special or consequential damages, including, but not limited to: profits or profits lost. The payment of any collection fees and reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred by or assessed to MDP in connection with the enforcing of this agreement or in defending any claim for breach of this agreement shall be your responsibility.


All returns require prior validation and a Returns Goods Authorization (RGA) Number to be issued. All returns must be clearly marked with this authorization number or the return will not be accepted and any freight charges incurred will be the originator’s responsibility. Shipments must have each box marked clearly indicating the RGA number. For skid shipments, the skid must be marked with the RGA number on a placard on at least (2) sides of the skid. The distributor will be responsible for making arrangements with the parcel service or trucking company to return products that were not the responsibility of the manufacturer or of MDP processing of the order. Returned product deemed to be within MDP’s specifications/non-defective or due to customer error is subject to a 25% or $25 min restocking fee and no freight credit will be issued. For ink products that are returned without any manufacturing defect the following apply: a 25% restocking fee ($15.00 min.). RGA’s will expire 30 days from the issue date and returns will not be accepted after the expiration date.

Placing an order with Monroe Data Products implies that you consent to the terms set forth above.