Item # PEN64RTU
Compare to: EZ Seal, Magic Seal
Machine Compatibility: Tape Shooters, Mail Inserters, Automatic Mailing Machines, Handheld Glue Moistening Devices
64 oz. Bottles
Quantity: 6 Bottles / 1 Case

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Filtered, ionized and softened, Penetron® Ready to Use Sealing Solution has been formulated to be added directly into water systems of equipment that uses water to activate adhesives. These smaller size premixed bottles are ideal for postage meter users and small to mid-size inserter users.

Quickly penetrates adhesives
Promotes optimum glue reactivation on all gummed materials
Enhances performance of water activated adhesives
Helps to dissolve hard water buildups
Reduces bacteria in standing water
Improves life of sealing mechanisms, sponges, rollers, squeegees
Less cleaning and lower maintenance costs